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LIMBTM can ingest images from many sources : flatbed, overhead, robotic or microfilm scanners, and existing image
files providing great flexibility to the user.


Besides individual image processing, LIMBTM is ideal for processing batches of images and for image clean up and enhancement maximizing throughput of files and jobs. More than 40 image processing tools are available including some unique functions such as background removal, page curvature correction, lighting correction and illustration detection.


LIMBTM automated image quality control analyzes each image for blur, over exposure, duplication, detects partial images, and reports to the operator suspicious images. LIMBTM provides several manual modules for image clean up, quality control by sampling and document page count validation to ensure perfect and complete documents.


LIMBTM provides an easy to use interface for pagination and structural tagging (page numbers, covers, body, chapters, table of contents or illustrations, etc.). Customizable document templates, automatic table of contents recognition and automatic page numbering capability are very efficient tools to decrease errors. All structural metadata are then available for creating richer PDF documents or XML outputs.


LIMBTM provides several OCR package options such as (Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) according to your needs.


LIMBTM can create simultaneously multiple output formats including (TIFF, Multi page TIFF, JPG, JPEG 2000, PDF, Searchable PDF, PDF-A etc.). Advanced renaming and compression settings are available for all formats.

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