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Additional Services

E-Publishing and Data Capture

online publishing

Working with all types of source content, whether born digitally or created from an old newspaper, our DigitalSolutions team can format your output for whatever purpose you desire. Whether you would like to publish your material to the latest book reading device such as the Kindle or IPad or need the material data captured, structured to meet NDNP standards, METS/ALTO or converted to XML our team can help you achieve your organizations objectives.

Print and Bind On Demand

bound booklet

HFGroup offers a wide variety of short run hard cover on demand print and bind solutions. On demand print and bind is a comprehensive service that includes the printing of full-color or black and white as well as binding of short run books from your print-ready PDF file. We produce superb quality perfect bound or case bound books in small quantities ranging from 1 to 1,000 volumes. We employ a large variety of binding methods including adhesive binding, side sewing, and Smyth sewing.

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Edition and Prebinding

Library Shelves

HFGroup produces stunning, original bindings in quantities ranging from 25 to 1,000 volumes of any given title. We utilize a variety of case options including custom graphic covers or cloth covers with hot foil stamped lettering. We also provide you with a variety of custom, artistic die stamping options. Our specialties include trade publications, juvenile titles, genealogies, and individual manuscripts.

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Thesis Binding

research papers, files, books

HFGroup is pleased to offer Thesis On Demand, our online thesis and dissertation printing and binding service. Using Thesis On Demand is easy! You simply fill out an online form and upload your PDF – we do the rest! We will print your thesis or dissertation on archival quality paper. The printed copies are bound in a hard cover according to your specifications. We will produce as many copies as you would like, and deliver them right to your door.

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Conservation Services

We continue to offer high quality, economical, and timely preservation and conservation services for libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, special collection holding institutions, as well as for individuals and private collectors. We provide professional conservation treatment of books, documents, art on paper, and photographs from single items to large collections.

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Textbook Rebinding

Textbooks stacked with apple on top

Most textbooks that are in poor condition, yet are still valid within their curriculum, can be rebound into like-new condition by HFGroup. And your worn textbooks can be rebound for a fraction of the replacement cost, often saving as much as 90%!

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Library Binding

shelf of library books

All volumes receive the highest quality workmanship and full preservation treatment. Materials are the best quality available including 100% internally plasticized copolymer polyvinyl acetate adhesives and acid-free and buffered endpapers. Our page attachment decision tree ensures that the proper textblock consolidation method is applied to all library binding products. Throughout the binding process, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible products and services.

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